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Hello there, My name is Chuck Cantasano, Owner and engineer here at Storm Room Studios.

   I am a musician, a songwriter for over 30 years, who also plays guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, keys, and vocals.

I have studied the art/science of audio recording and mixing for about 15 years and have been working with regional and national artists for a decade.

  A true fan of all music, I have worked with rock bands, blues, country, hardcore, metal, punk, ska, faith based, indie, surf, progressive rock, trap/rap artists.


Using old school work ethics, modern production techniques, years of experience and an arsenal of quality studio gear we can make your vision a reality.

Gear List: Storm Room Studios currently features a 32 channel English made Midas M32 recording console, we have a number of outboard tube mic pres as well.   We have a strong collection of workhorse industry standard studio microphones from Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, and MXL like the Sm7b, Sm57's,58's, D112 kick mics, Md421's, Large and small diaphragm condenser mics, and ribbon mics as well.

   We have an in-house studio drum kit, a 6 pc Mapex Mars Series, 6 ply birch drums, quality cymbals, and 3 snares to choose from (Of course drummers can also bring in their kit as well).  A number of quality guitars, basses, and acoustics to use as well as several guitar amps, cabinets, and a Kemper profiling amp you may use.


Artists we have worked with: Reef Break, Pursuit, Through The Side, Pushmower, Elizabeth Cantasano, Deven Starr, Vegas Death Rays, Wallow Sound, Kytten Punched/Impact event, Fort Knights,Everything I Am, Seek the Reason, Switchblade Villan, Silhouettes on Screen, The Fundamentals, Bargain Bin Heroes, Tommy Vale, Carnival of Soul, Ys Dear, Sean Bryan, From Darkness Arise, Tiny Tavaras, DJ Skinmask, Flight 77 and of course my own solo work!  

 (if I have forgotten or left anyone out here I apologize!   I have done a lot of records!)


What sets us apart

A few things you'll find are different here.

A helping hand

   As a multi-instrumentalist trained in music theory, voice, songwriting, composition and audio engineering I can help you make the most of your song/arrangement/vision if you'd like the help.  Or, If you want me to just sit back and capture what you do, I can do that too!   

   Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help an artist realize that an intro is too long, a bass part is conflicting with a kick pattern, or that a lead guitar part is stepping on the vocal.  Sometimes it is just help finding a great vocal harmony.  I am at your disposal as your producer.

Coaching out your best

  Quality starts at the performance itself.  I want the work from my studio to be great, so I have spent years learning to get the best performance I can from you, the artist and your band-mates.  

  I play nearly everything so I can "speak drummer"  and help your stubborn drummer learn to play "in the pocket" more, or to the click tighter etc.  I can help your singer give their very best,  Work with your bassist on the groove,  I can coach your guitarist(s) to be able to play tighter, cleaner, and more consistent if need be.   

  I understand what each instruments role in the arrangement should and could be, and I want you to love your finished art.  It is my job to make you sound better than you thought you could.

Premium Mixing and Affordable Rates

   Whether you want a super hi-fi, slick modern production or an old school, analog, or gritty lo-fi vibe on your production we are first going to talk about your vision for your record, your influences, reference tracks etc. and that will be used to influence ever decision along the way to achieving your goals.  I am all about fixing issues where they pop up and not "Fixing it in the mix".    If we capture a great song, with a great arrangement, the right tones, and killer performances... The mix of that production WILL BE AWESOME EVERY TIME.

  I am a professional working musician myself and I understand that most of us are on a budget.   I do quality work and I can add a lot of value to your project yet I  am typically near half the cost of some of the bigger studio facilities in SW Florida.  But I promise, you will NEVER HEAR that price difference.  In fact I have had many clients come to me to re-do songs done in other studios that they were very unhappy with.    I am not happy UNTIL you are simply ecstatic!


Listen to some of our work Here on Reverbnation then, give me a call.  Let's talk about your music, your needs, and what I may be able to do for you.  Quotes are always free and there is no obligation after a friendly conversation.   Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely,  Chuck Cantasano

Owner/Audio Engineer



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